phone battery chargers coin acceptor selector
Speedly swift smoothly deposit coins.anti-false coin.anti-string,anti-jam, large coin,thick coin,small coin.stable performance

.Rating voltage: DC+12V with 20percent discrepancy
.Stand by Current: 50mA-55mA .Operating Current: 310mA-340mA
.Accepted coin diameter: 18mm-32mm .Accepted coin thickness: 1.2mm-3.0mm
.Size per unit: W14 x D6.5 x H12.5(mm) .Net weight: 0.38kgs
.Packing: 50 pcs/case .Per case: 17.86 kgs .Size per case: W745 x D352 x H275(mm)

1.Firstly remove the yellow plastic token& replace the coin to the clamp.

2.Choose N.O(Normal Open) or N.C(Normal Close) in coordination with the machine specification.(Normally Mario Machines should be N.C.Gaming Machines be N.O )

4.Switch to "SW2":
Fast: 25ms/short pulse signal (Apply to Mario Machine)

Medium: 50ms/medium pulse signal (Apply to different machine)
Slow: 100ms/long pulse signal
(Apply to entertainment machine)

Notice: If coin-eating .please adjust the switch.
5.VR turning for sensitivity of coin acceptance: turn clockwise(+)for strict coin selecting anti-clockwise(-)for slack.

6.Lines guide of connector:
1)Gray Wire Red Wire DC+12V
2)White wire COIN Signal
3)Black wire Ground
4)Gray Wire Counter

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